It was this statement that inspired Mikko Shoes. Mikko Shoes is the premier destination in New Zealand for the best quality European footwear. Founded by Michaela Longstaff in 2013, Mikko has quickly grown to five stores across New Zealand.

We take pride in creating a relaxed and beautiful environment – like sitting in your friend’s living room. Our team of experts want to get to know you, and create a comfortable space where you can have fun trying new styles with no pressure.

Michaela is from a family of retailers, and has a hands-on approach to running her business. Each year she travels all over the world to hand-pick only the best quality designer footwear in extremely limited numbers.

Her team of experienced stylists are here to ensure your footwear fits seamlessly with your look and your existing wardrobe. If you’re unsure about anything while shopping in store or online, our friendly sales assistants are here to help you. Please contact us on 09 972 2354 or